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Parish Outreach Overview

Welcome Families of Our Parishes

"The divine mystery of the Incarnation of the Word
has an intimate connection with the human family." --St. JPII

St.  Pope John Paul II tells us that Jesus's reaching out to mankind is closely connected with family life. In our parishes, supporting and aiding families at all stages is one of the main goals of our mission as a Church. We have many committed staff and volunteers who are working in a variety of settings to reach out the the families and the youth of our community.

Catechesis and evangelization are central to our outreach. We especially reach out to families through our Religious Education program, though our Marquette School System, and through our Junior and Senior High Youth Ministry. We are constantly looking for ways to deepen and improve these programs. Feel invited to look at the various specific RE/Youth Ministry pages (linked above) to find out about our various parish programs.

If you are interested in Sacramental prep for your child, please visit the Sacraments pages. We also have a dedicated RCIA program for those looking to enter the Catholic Church.

Adult parishioners please check out the Adult Faith Formation page to learn about current bible studies, prayer groups, and faith sharing opppertunities which are ongoing in our parishes.

Please also check the current bulletin and Pulse of Our Parishes to find out what is happening currently. Please feel invited get involved!

May God bless the families of our Parishes!